Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The causes of a societal problem in the Bay Area of California Essay

The causes of a societal problem in the Bay Area of California - Essay Example This area has reputable traits for its beautiful scenery, independent political styles, and entrepreneurship. However, as much as this area performs among the best economically the cost of living in this region is relatively high. For instance, social issues bombard this vast region like any other growing society. In this regard, this paper will dwell on the causes of the societal issue that the bay region experiences that opposes its success. Housing and settlement problems (Social issue) Over the years, the number of homeless families in the Bay area has been on the increase (Miles & Tim 150). The high cost of housing has seen many families wait in line for them to acquire temporary shelters and homes. Some of the families spend cold night in streets and parks, as they have nowhere permanent that they can call home. The security risks that these families subject themselves are high as they living in the streets are not safe for anyone except the gangs. Figuratively speaking, the nu mber of families in the shelter waiting list is about two hundred and sixty four families. A notable number of these families have no past record of being homeless but the recent global recession made a turn on their lives. The effects of the global recession to the housing sector in the Bay area (Financial issues) During this period, the cost of housing and mortgages went up as the government of the United State tried to curb the real estate bubble (Jones and Perry 110). According to Kiplinger magazine publication (78), the values of property in this period went high especially to those who had mortgage payments. Subsequently, the mortgage rates were high and many people in the Bay region could not keep up with their mortgage payments. Essentially, this led to foreclosure by banking institutions to curb the deficiency. During this period, many lost their jobs leaving them without any source of livelihood. In short, when the crisis began these families did not have anything to cushi on them. On the other hand, the low-income earners who cannot afford to be homeowners have felt the pinch as part of their income pays rent. In essence, there is no affordable housing in this region. Over the past years, concentration has been on infrastructural development hence sidelining housing projects and developments. This becomes a societal crisis as the low earning families risk entering the homeless families’ shelters. On the contrary, those adversely affected by the homelessness crisis is single adults rather than those in families. This is because the political ensure that they shelter the homeless families to evade political heat. They also use this situation as a campaign tool to woe votes from the public and trample over their opponents (Dyble 267). Poverty levels and starvation due to racial factors (Financial issues) Another societal issue that the Bay region is in a constant battle with is the need to provide food assistance and poverty (Goldsmith & Blakely 15). A bigger part of the Californian population lives under the federally set poverty line per annum. Children are the worst hit with the Oakland region within the same region leading with the largest number of children living relatively below the poverty line. Ironically, the racial difference is the factor that propels the poverty levels. For instance, the poverty levels were high within the African Americans as compared to their American

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